Add Server Features to Your Site in Minutes with Zero Server Code!

Build features for the most platforms, in the least amount of time, with only one language and zero server configuration.

Servercyde makes it so much easier to build database driven apps. You can add these to any site even those on the cheapest hosting or even a Wordpress/Blogger blog. Our API manages user sessions and database connections so that you can code everything else with one client side language: JavaScript.

  • Now Open Source!

    We will be releasing a market for your awesome ServerCyde apps, but for now you can play with the platform in a whole new way by hosting it yourself! Go ahead fork it!

    Show off your skills

    You won't have to deal with fancy hosting or learn any new languages to add custom functionality. Your customers will LOVE you for delivering so much in so little time.

    Enlarge your toolkit

    On top of DB access you get user authentication, Facebook Connect, Messaging, EMAILS, custom API's.

  • Mobile Devices

    HTML + Javascript runs on virtually every device and it's easy to convert to an iPhone or Android app with third part tools like PhoneGap.

  • Data Storage

    Using our simple GUI you can build easy access to a real DataBase on Amazon SimpleDB

    Real Time Messaging

    Easily add real time chat, live news feeds, or any up to the second service with only a few lines of JavaScript

    Social Authentication

    Add member signup with automatic email confirmation or simply use Facebook connect to setup a custom experience for each of your users.

See Current Partners
During Beta we will build a demo of your site on our dime FULL!
You can build anything with ServerCyde, realtime stock tickers, social platforms with chat, voting systems, banking platforms, quick widgets to collect data, scheduling or appointment tool, really any site that needs some extra functionality...

Get help! Using ServerCyde API to build apps is so easy and fun that there are developers just waiting to help you out. Send us an email with your needs and we'll get you a free quote:

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